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  1. Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick
  2. Motograter - Collapse
  3. The Last Vegas - Another Lover
  4. Five Finger Death Punch; Maria Brink - Anywhere But Here
  5. Blink-182 - Up All Night
  6. Three Days Grace - It's All Over
  7. Alice in Chains - Would?
  8. Iron Maiden - Run to The Hills
  9. Blue Ă–yster Cult - Godzilla
  10. AC / DC - Let There Be Rock
  11. Megadeth - Skin O My Teeth Live At Alpine Valley East Troy Wi 52392
  12. Yngwie Malmsteen - Far Beyond the Sun
  13. Emperors and Elephants - Hit of Red

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  • Submit music to the program director, Joe Bick, who can be e-mailed direcctly.
  • .MP3, .WAV, or.ogg can be e-mailed to the station.
  • E-mail: joebick@live.com


  • Produced and recorded in Hillsdale, Michigan, United States. An affiliate of the URock Radio Network.


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  • WATL
  • WILG
  • WPIT